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Who are these two brothers that have dedicated their lives to searching for unique orchids and green plants?

The Bush Brothers, nice to meet you! The Bush Brothers are Marco and Patrick Lansbergen. Two brothers – twins, in fact.

And two explorers, always searching for orchids and green plants that haven’t been discovered yet. For almost thirty years, Marco and Patrick have been fascinated by the mysteries of nature. It’s a fascination that must be in their DNA, as their parents Theo and Toos Lansbergen were also growers – first vegetables and later flowers.

With the arrival of their two sons, the company’s focus shifted to exclusivity. The 4.4-hectare premises in De Lier features a showroom filled with the finest orchids and green plants. Just like in nature, plants grow in their own section where the climate and watering are perfectly aligned to the needs of each variety. Sometimes, promising species are crossbred in the company’s own nursery.

Cultivating like in nature also means not putting unnecessary strain on the environment. Therefore it goes without saying that we use natural resources such as energy and water sparingly. Just like our policy of not using plastic. Certification according to MPS-A and MPS GlobalGAP proves these sustainable intentions.

Collaborating with a large laboratory in Thailand guarantees the Bush Brothers a continuous flow of cuttings. During the first two years of the Bush Brothers, the orchids and green plants were grown in Thailand under authentic conditions. After that, the plants are strong enough to continue growing in the Bush Brothers’ own greenhouses – a process that usually takes two years. And then, the plant is ready to enchant others.

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