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Please give our plants a good home. We’ve risked our lives for some of them.

The Bush Brothers and their care tips!


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  • Cambria
  • Cattleya
  • Dendrobium
  • Epidendrum
  • Miltonia
  • Oncidium
  • Zygopetalum
  • Ludisia
  • Treasure
  • Oncidium Cherry Baby
  • Paphiopedilum

Care for flowering plants like a real Bush Master

Flowering plants such as orchids have ideal conditions in nature. With a little bit of attention, those conditions can also be created at home. That way, the beauty of the orchid will be preserved for a long time.

The result of their passion for nature’s unknown is a collection of 50 orchids and green plants.

Orchids often grow underneath a thick canopy in the jungle. For this reason, the temperature doesn’t usually fall below 15 degrees Celsius or rise above 25.

Because they grow on the ground, in the shade of much bigger plants and trees, orchids aren’t used to direct sunlight. But they do need sufficient light.

In the jungle, the water supply isn’t always guaranteed. That’s why an orchid can easily survive if watered only once a week.

In nature, the orchid gets the nutrients it needs from the soil. Fertilizing once every two months is appreciated.

Faded flowers
Flowers that are faded will drain the plant’s energy, energy that the orchid needs to grow healthily. So cut off old flowers at the stem.

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  • Aglaonema Spotted Star
  • Aglaonema Light Star
  • Aglaonema Point Star
  • Aglaonema White Star
  • Aglaonema Pink Star
  • Aglaonema Orange Star
  • Aglaonema Red Star
  • Aglaonema Sun Star
  • Aglaonema Dark Star
  • Aglaonema Pink Dark Star
  • Aglaonema Green Star


Care for green plants like a real Bush Master

How does a green plant from the Bush Brothers stay as bright green as it would in nature? By paying a little attention to what the green plant needs at home as well.

The jungle often has a constant climate, with the temperature remaining above 15 degrees Celsius and below 25. Just like in a living room, really.

While most green plants don’t like the sun, they do like light. Find a place out of direct sunlight but close to a window.

The quantity of water a green plant needs depends on the number of leaves it has. Give it a good amount once a week.

Green plants need nutrients to grow. A rule of thumb is to fertilize every two months.

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Discovered in the jungle, grown in our greenhouses!